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Reason #1: 100+ NEW PREMIUM Voices

As if the 30 human-sounding voices in 23 languages weren’t enough, in the PRO version, we give you 100 extra voices!

You get new voices with new accents… like Australian accent, Indian accent, and new British speaking voices! Plus a ton of other voices: 

So if you thought that the voices in the standard version of Speechelo sound good… Just wait ‘til you hear the


Andrew – United States

Lilly – UK

Sophia – Canada

Summer – United States

Hayden – Australia

Fini – French

Catarina – Portuguese

Bruna – Portuguese

Alisia – Spanish

+90 Extra Voices!

Reason #2: Longer Voiceovers

With the standard version of Speechelo you can generate as many voiceovers as you want. But the condition is you can’t have more than 700 words per voiceover.
But when you upgrade to Speechelo Pro, you get 4x longer length per voiceover – 2800 words!

That way you can create voiceovers for longer content, such as: Webinars, Audio-books, Podcasts, and so on…
The bottom line is: You can go as crazy as you want! We won’t stop you!
Use Speechelo to convert any article from your website into an amazing voiceover… or any ebook into an Audiobook or even into a YouTube video… Sky is the limit!

Reason #3: Background Music Module

Music makes the world go round!
And more importantly, it helps to keep your viewers engaged to your message!
The problem is that good background music is expensive!
But don’t worry… if you are a Speechelo PRO member, you get 40 mesmerizing background music tracks that you can use in your creations.

We offer a variety of genres of music, from cinematic tracks, to joyful tracks or motivational music… so any type of voiceover that you create, you will find the best background music in our collection, and you won’t have to pay a single cent to use it.

+ 30 more background music tracks

Total Value: $2000+

So let’s recap what you are getting today when you Upgrade Speechelo to PRO:

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  Background Music MODULE

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  4 TIMES Longer Voiceovers

  COMMERCIAL license

  BONUS: Voiceover-Cash-Machine

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