It doesn’t take much time to notice how often TikTok text to speech videos go viral, featuring onscreen text narrated by an AI-generated voice, and this trend isn’t fading any time soon. While text to speech software is getting more popular in countless fields, it’s become a huge part of the content style on TikTok.

Because TikTok thrives on keeping things quick and engaging, TikTok TTS is a great way to communicate things quickly without having to record a voiceover yourself. Text to speech makes creating content cheaper, faster, and more reliable! 

Tools like Speechelo let you create a complete voiceover in just 3 clicks. Given how fast it is to generate a voiceover, you have plenty of time left over to consider how to get the most out of Tik Tok text to speech

Getting the most out of this strategy means thinking about how to make your videos stand out, and we’ve got 5 ideas to inspire you! Use one (or all!) of these tips to make video content that really sets you apart. 

Ready to see 5 ways to make your videos go viral TTS voices from Speechelo?

1. Add some commentary to a demo or walkthrough

Tours, product demos, walkthroughs, tutorials – all of these kinds of videos do great on TikTok because they fit the platform’s content style so well! These videos do well because they inform the viewer about something, like important features, how something works, or what the quality is.

But with text to speech, you can easily make these videos entertaining, as well as informative!

During an informational video, add in some commentary that shows some of your brand’s personality and style. It can be emotional and sincere – like adding in comments about how meaningful something is to make the audience think about what matters to them – or funny and sarcastic – like joking about your audience’s most hated pain points.

When you do this, you get more bang for your buck with each video! Not only are you letting your audience know more about your product or service, you’re also familiarizing them with your overall brand and getting them emotionally invested in it. 

TikTok text to speech adds some extra personality to your videos, and is a surefire way to get your audience interested! 

2. Only voice one line for emphasis

While some videos will work best if everything is narrated, sometimes, less is more! 

You can pick and choose which lines are read aloud by TikTok text to speech programs, focusing the audience’s attention on one particular line… Or even a single word, if you want to get really innovative! 

This is a great choice if your brand has a slogan that you want to bring attention to, or if there’s one specific phrase or word you want someone to remember.

You can even use text to speech to lead with a tantalizing opening statement: “No one knows the truth about this!” Then, you can provide the answer in text without voicing it. The audience will be paying extra close attention to the text.

Or you might want to use this for comedic effect, using one word or phrase over and over in a montage, with the joke getting funnier each time it’s repeated! 

3. Make testimonials stand out

TikTok viewers love a good recommendation, and that means you can easily turn your testimonials into great voiceovers to get attention to your page!

Every brand knows that testimonials are the best advertising you can ask for, but if you’re working off of written reviews, it’s hard to find a way to use them for video content. Putting them on Tik Tok with TTS gives your video instant watchability, as people want to know what other consumers have to say.

You can feature Tik Tok text to speech testimonials to play over any video you want. You can simply play it over a montage or highlight reel of what the testimonial is talking about, or you can even make an entirely new video that demonstrates exactly what the testimonial is talking about! 

If you’re using Speechelo, you can even choose one of the 30 available voices to voice multiple reviews! Using different voices will emphasize to the audience that these reviews are coming from a wide range of people, making testimonials even more persuasive than they already are. 

4. Combine it with spoken video content

TikTok creators don’t often think to do this, but when they do, it’s a winning combo!

Using video clips that use spoken dialogue is an obvious choice for video marketing, but have you ever thought about combining these with text to speech narration? If it seems weird to you, just stay with us!

The AI voice will often sound a little more authoritative and sure of itself, compared to a person speaking (especially if the person is unscripted). You can use this to your advantage, using clips of people speaking to communicate emotional comments, while using the text to speech software to communicate more factual or informative comments. 

Combining these two sounds creates such an interesting effect – smart creators will get creative with the Tik Tok text to speech infatuation by using it in new ways! 

5. Lean into the slip ups!

If your Tiktok TTS features a mistake or two – like pronouncing “TBH” as “tuh-b-huh” – you might actually want to keep it in!

It might sound strange, but TikTok users actually love acknowledging some of the accidents that happen when using TTS. It’s just like laughing at a typo or slip of the tongue, and injects a little humor and personality into the video. 

Of course, not all mistakes are created equal, so make sure you’re only including these when you want them there. It might not be the right choice for serious or very informative videos. However, if your TTS program creates a perfect voiceover, you might consider including a “mistake” sometimes!

In conclusion, text-to-speech software like Speechelo is a powerful tool for creators to quickly and easily create engaging video content for platforms like TikTok. By adding commentary to demos, emphasizing specific lines, featuring testimonials, combining with spoken video content, and even embracing slip-ups, TikTok text-to-speech can make your videos more entertaining and informative.

With Speechelo, you can create a complete voiceover in just 3 clicks, allowing you more time to focus on making your videos stand out. So, if you want to take advantage of this popular trend and create viral content on TikTok, try Speechelo today and see the results for yourself!