Last Christmas was not much fun for our member Selma…😞

Hard to get into a holiday mood when it looks like your online business will be going to go bust in the New Year!

Her training company provided all types of management courses for students and professionals from all around the world – from Germany to Mexico, China to Spain. Her clients are people who are not proficient in English as a first language.

So she was providing a much-needed service, BUT there was a problem.

Which was getting worse with every passing month…

Dealing with multiple translators and voiceover talent was consuming not just money 💰💰 but an awful lot of time. ⌛⌛⏳

Deadlines were missed, freelancers came and went, and it was totally frustrating!😡😠

It had become apparent that the business model was not sustainable.

Outsourcing the translation of multiple courses into multiple languages by professional translators and then finding professional voiceover artists in each language meant that way more money was going out than was coming in.

And yes, she had looked into artificial voice synthesizer applications, but the quality was so poor that she was certain that her potential clients would not be impressed or willing to pay her fees.

The good news is that Selma discovered Speechelo in January after watching an AD, and…it has made a massive difference not only to her ‘bottom line’ but also to her life!

She and her business partner now use Speechelo (The best voice synthesizer out there!) to create human-like voices for their translated courses, and the future, at last, is looking bright.

It’s hard to explain just how much of a difference Speechelo has made to the business.
Selma e-mailed us, And to my personal life too, as I am actively looking forward to the future rather than dreading it!

We were so pleased to receive Selma’s testimonial and to see that our voice synthesizer software has literally changed her life.

A Happier Christmas for Selma this year for sure 😀

(PS: Speechelo uses the same technology used by some of the biggest brands in the world. Go to to try it yourself)